10 Lines On Corruption In English

Check 10 lines on Corruption in English for Class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10. Corruption is like a dark cloud that tries to hide the sun of truth and fairness. As young heroes, we must learn about corruption and stand against it to make the world a better place!

We’ll be discussing 10 lines on Corruption in English. Also, we will have a look at the essay on Corruption in English (paragraph on Corruption in English). Let’s check them one by one.

10 Lines On Corruption In English

  1. Corruption is when people do dishonest things for personal gain.
  2. It means taking or giving bribes to do something wrong.
  3. Corruption is bad because it hurts others and breaks the rules.
  4. Honest people do not like corruption because it is unfair.
  5. We should always be truthful and never support corruption.
  6. Governments work hard to stop corruption and make the world fair.
  7. Teachers teach us to be honest and not to be part of corruption.
  8. We should report any corruption we see to our parents or teachers.
  9. When everyone is honest, the world becomes a better place to live.
  10. Let’s all work together to stop corruption and be good and honest people.
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Essay On Corruption In English 

Paragraph on Corruption In English

Corruption is when some people do dishonest things to get what they want. They may take money or gifts to do something wrong or break the rules. This is not fair and hurts others who are honest and follow the rules.

Sometimes, we may see corruption in our daily lives. For instance, when someone pays money to skip a line or get something they don’t deserve, that’s corruption. It is essential to recognize such situations and understand why it is wrong.

Corruption is bad because it affects many people. It can stop good things from happening and make it difficult for everyone to be happy. When people are dishonest, they break the trust others have in them, and it creates problems in our communities.

As young learners, we can be honest heroes and fight against corruption. We should always tell the truth, follow the rules, and never take or give bribes. When we see corruption happening, we must tell our parents, teachers, or other trusted adults.

The government is like our superhero team. They work hard to stop corruption and make sure everyone is treated fairly. They create laws and rules to punish those who do corrupt things.

At school, our teachers teach us about being honest and following rules. They encourage us to be kind, respectful, and fair to others. We should listen to them and be good students.

If we see corruption happening, we must not be afraid to speak up and report it. It can be scary, but by doing so, we help stop the bad things from happening.

When everyone is honest and fights against corruption, our world becomes a better place to live. We can trust and help each other, and our communities will be stronger and happier.

Dear young heroes, remember always to be honest and never support corruption. Let’s stand together, hand in hand, and fight against corruption. By being honest and brave, we can create a brighter and fairer world for ourselves and future generations!

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