10 Lines On My School In English

For students in grades 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5, here are 10 lines on my school in English. Like a temple, a school is a sacred place for learning. Everyone has to make time to read. Every classroom has a treasure trove of information. 

A teacher must educate their students and help them reach their full potential. Share 10 lines on my school in English.

Also, check a short paragraph on my school in English or a short essay on my school in English.

10 Lines On My School In English

10 Lines On My School
  1. My school’s name is Government public school.
  2. My school is in 8th standard.
  3. In my village, all children study at school.
  4. My school has a playing ground.
  5. My school has a computer classroom.
  6. Also, my school has a science laboratory.
  7. My school provides a good education.
  8. My school conducts physical activity every week.
  9. Moreover, my school conducts Republic day, Independence day, and Children’s day.
  10. My school goes on historical tourism every year.
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Paragraph On My School In English (Or A Short Essay On My School In English)

Thanks to my school, I am able to further my education, which is a huge benefit in my life. Every community should have a school available to its residents. 

It is eliminating any financial barrier to quality education for those living in poverty. In order to eliminate illiteracy, it is critical that all children get a formal education.

There is room in the school for more than one student. It’s open to everybody and everybody. Every individual, young or old, has the right to an education that will help them grow intellectually. 

Education has made it simple to understand our legal protections, and dishonesty against educated people is now impossible.

The youngster knows no limits. Moreover, all methods that lead to the development of healthy, principled thinking may be considered educational. Formal education is also required, regardless of whether it is focused on social or moral development.

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