10 Lines On Pigeon In English

Here are 10 lines on pigeon in English to help you expand your horizons. These 10 lines can improve your knowledge of a pigeon. It further helps you to write a short essay on Pigeon in English or a paragraph on pigeon in English on the test.

Once upon a time, King Maharaja would care for pigeons, and as a result, pigeons have been kept as pets ever since. Now, check more details below.

10 Lines On Pigeon In English

10 Lines On Pigeon In English
  1. Pigeons are very intelligent birds.
  2. The pigeon’s scientific name is Columba livia domestica.
  3. Pigeons eat wheat, rice, and grains.
  4. Pigeons can fly long distances.
  5. Also, Pigeon can work as a postman.
  6. Pigeons were used as a postman during many wars.
  7. Pigeons live in trees, homes, and old forts.
  8. Moreover, Pigeons are black, white, and brown in color.
  9. Pigeons make their nest with grass and tiny things.
  10. A pigeon is also known as a dove.
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Paragraph On Pigeon In English (Or Essay On Pigeon In English)

Since pigeons are so common and like living in human settlements, they may be easily trained. Pigeons like to travel in large groups. A flock of pigeons is a common sight in the sky. Their speed is constant, and they constantly fly in a straight line. The lead pigeon flies in front of the pack at all times, while the rest of the birds trail behind.

When a female pigeon lays her eggs, she usually gives birth to many little chicks. Within a month, the baby is born healthy and happy. Parent pigeons help each other care for their young. Baby pigeons learn to fly at two months.

Pigeons have to keep a watch on their young to make sure they’re safe since young pigeons are a common target for predatory birds.

It’s not only woodpeckers and squirrels that call the forest home; pigeons make their homes there, too, by building their nests high in the branches of towering trees or the cliff faces.

Sky racing tournaments for pigeons (Pigeon racing) are also common. These contests often go all day, and the winning pigeon is the one that stays in the air the longest.

Pigeons, unlike more aggressive birds like crows, tend to be quiet and uncomplicated.

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