Continued Training at University of Cambridge for Ukrainian Students Amidst Challenges

A Ukrainian medical student named Elina Sushchenko has had to leave her home twice because of Russian invasions. She had to leave her birthplace, Donetsk, when it was taken over by rebels supported by Russia in 2014. Currently, she is living in Kharkiv, where she has been volunteering as a nurse in hospitals. She wants to become a surgeon and believes that getting training in the UK is really important to learn more skills.

Elina is part of a group of 21 students from Kharkiv who are doing a seven-week training program at the University of Cambridge. This program helps them learn how to work with patients and gain practical medical experience. This is the second year of the program.

Elina shared that she has faced a lot of challenges due to the invasions in her country, but she wants to see these difficult times as opportunities to learn and grow. She believes that her generation is responsible for rebuilding Ukraine and helping people. She wants to become a skilled surgeon so that she can bring back her knowledge and skills to Ukraine to help others.

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The partnership between Kharkiv National Medical University and the University of Cambridge allows these students to continue their medical studies in person, which is very important because the Covid pandemic and the war have made it difficult for them to have hands-on training with patients. The dean of the medical school emphasized that learning in person with real patients is crucial for young medical students.

Kharkiv National Medical University mentioned that their city has been dealing with many injured patients due to the ongoing conflict, which has limited the students’ access to practical training. This opportunity to study abroad helps fill that gap and provides valuable experience to these future doctors.


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