How To Make Time Go Faster At School

10 Tips For How To Make Time Go Faster At School

Have you ever been struggling to make time go by faster at school? Are you looking for the answer to how to make time go faster at school? Sometimes it seems that time is just dragging on and on and there’s no way to get through the day. Imagine starting your day off with a 5 minute commute to school and 30 minutes of listening to Mr. George drone on about the importance of ancient Greece and where you should sit in the cafeteria.

We understand school is an important part of every child’s life, and education is one of the most important things that a school and colleges can offer its students. But sometimes it’s not possible for students to attend long, boring lectures. Finding ways to make time go faster becomes crucial for them, but it can be difficult to find the right methods. 

However, here are some tips that will help you know how to make time go faster at school. You can use these tips in order to make the most out of your day!

How To Make Time Go Faster At School

If you find yourself struggling to make time go by at school, there are a few things you can do to help. First, be sure to set realistic goals for the day and week. When you know what you need to accomplish, it will be easier to carve out the time necessary for homework and other activities. Additionally, try to take breaks throughout the day. 

Whether it’s for a quick walk around the block or taking a five-minute break in your shared study space, taking mini breaks can help you feel more refreshed and motivated when you return to your work. And finally, try not to let homework overwhelm your schedule. If it feels like too much work, try splitting it up into smaller chunks or delegating some of it to a friend. With a little effort, you can make time go faster at school!

Time goes by quickly when you’re having fun! Here are some tips to make school go faster and make your days more enjoyable. 

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1. You can eat snacks: 

If at all possible, save your food for the class you dread the most. Being able to have a tasty snack while in class would certainly liven things up. There’s no rule against eating many snacks at once.

2. Focusing on a drawing may help you relax:

If class is going too slowly or you just don’t feel like writing, try sketching your notes instead. Consider a history course where one of the assignments is to create a picture of a president. In chemistry class, you may also draw a schematic of the substance. 

You can still take notes if you draw anything relating to what you’ve written down. In this method, your professor will assume that you are only paying attention instead of secretly taking notes, and will thus have no reason to punish you.

3. Take part in group discussions in class:

The simplest approach to pass the time in class is to actively participate in the conversation. If you sit through class mindlessly tapping your fingers, the time will drag. If you find ways to participate, it will be over before you realize it. If you ask a teacher or a student a question, or strike up a chat about your studies, you will give yourself something to do, and the time will go by quickly.

4. Do your homework for the other class:

We’ve all had our fair share of dull Math lessons. If you just can’t focus in math class, at least you can get that English homework done. It’s never a good idea to zone out in class, but if you find yourself unable to focus, you can at least get some work done. Doing your homework while waiting for class to conclude is a good use of time, as you’ll have to complete it eventually.

5. You can read books

Make time for reading a book if at all possible. During that time, be free to read any fiction you choose. Time will go by quickly because of this.

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6. Listening Music Can also help you

Participate in musical activities whenever possible. Obviously, this can’t be done in every single lecture. If you’re working alone, you can put on some music. When I am working on my own at school, I often put on some music. This helps me in relaxing my mind.

7. Just let your ideas flow:

If you’re looking for a way to kill time at school, this may not be it. It’s possible to see oneself as a superhuman with special abilities. You won’t learn anything from daydreaming, but at least you may waste time without worrying about getting in trouble. When in doubt, daydream. But you should strive to return to class when your instructor is discussing a topic of paramount importance.

8. Get Some Rest:

If you’re feeling bored in class, excuse yourself and use the facilities. However, this will function as intended in the more rigorous academic setting. Unless your institution has very stringent guidelines, this is typically okay to do.

9. Drink water:

Time moves more slowly while you’re actively engaged in a task, like sipping water. Okay, so at least you’re making an effort. You don’t have to guzzle water every minute. The recommended break is every 5 minutes to drink some water. Even though it’s not the ideal method to kill time, this should do the job.

10. You may ignore the time shown on the wall clock:

If you stare at your watch too intently, time will move painfully slowly. When you give it any thought, you realize just how slowly time is going. If you don’t pay any attention to the time, you’ll get a better sense of how quickly things are going. A watched pot never boils, as the saying goes, so divert your attention elsewhere to pass the time.

If you’re a student seeking ways to pass the time in class or just want to squander some, these could be some options to consider. Try not to be caught.

Ways to Have More Free Time Outside of School

There are many ways to have more free time outside of school, but the most important thing is to find what works for you. Here are a few tips: 

  • Make a schedule and stick to it. This will help you stay on track and make sure that you are using your time wisely. 
  • Create a list of things that you want to do. This will help you focus on what is important and make sure that you don’t neglect any tasks. 
  • Try new activities or interests. This will keep your life interesting and prevent boredom from setting in. 
  • Take breaks often. This will help you avoid getting overwhelmed and stressed out.


When it comes to school, there always seems to be more work than time. And while we may feel like we are stuck in a rut, there are actually some simple steps that we can take to make the process easier and faster. Whenever the same question comes to your mind, i.e., how to make time go faster at school” just follow the tips we have mentioned above. By following these tips, you can not only get through your school work more quickly but also develop better study habits that will carry over into other areas of your life. So what are you waiting for? Try out some of these tips today and see how they work!

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