Kindergarten Leprechaun Trap Ideas

Kindergarten Leprechaun Trap Ideas

It’s that time of year when leprechauns will make their annual rounds. And with them, they bring the joy of surprises and the fear of being caught when you least expect it. So, if you’re looking for some fresh kindergarten leprechaun trap ideas for a trap to catch one of these elusive creatures, check out this list of great leprechaun trap ideas! 

The Leprechaun Trap is an easy device that will help capture a leprechaun. With it, you can have your own good luck without having to wait until next year. All you need are a few supplies and a little bit of time and patience! Read on to find out what you’ll need and how the trap works.

This simple blog post listing different kindergarten leprechaun trap ideas. Ideas range from easy to more complex, and have a list of supplies needed for each activity.

What is the leprechaun trap?

The leprechaun trap is a tool used by kindergarten students to capture leprechauns. The traps are usually made out of a shoe box or other small container with a hole cut out of the top. The bait for the trap is typically some sort of food that the child thinks the leprechaun would like, such as candy or cookies. Once the leprechaun takes the bait, he becomes trapped inside the box and can then be captured by the child.

There are many different variations of leprechaun traps, but they all share the same basic principle. If you’re looking for some inspiration, we’ve compiled a list of some of the most creative and innovative leprechaun traps that we could find. Hopefully, these ideas will help you in your own quest to capture a leprechaun!

Different Kindergarten Leprechaun Trap Ideas

If you’re looking for some fun and creative ideas to trap a leprechaun this St. Patrick’s Day, then look no further than your kindergarten class! These little ones are sure to come up with some clever ideas to try and catch those pesky leprechauns.

One popular idea is to set up a “leprechaun house” made out of cardboard boxes. Be sure to add plenty of green decorations and shamrocks, and leave a few tasty snacks inside as bait. Another fun idea is to make a “pot of gold” out of construction paper and hang it from the ceiling. When the leprechaun comes to try and take it, he’ll get tangled up in the string!

You can also try setting up a simple trap using a shoebox and some yarn. Cut a hole in the box big enough for the leprechaun to fit through, and tie a string around the box so that when he steps inside, the box will close shut and he’ll be trapped!

Whatever trap you choose, be sure to have plenty of green paint and shamrock stickers on hand to decorate your classroom with. After all, it wouldn’t be St. Patrick. Here is the list of best kindergarten leprechaun  trap ideas:

  1. Top Hat Traps
  2. Lucky Charms Top Hat Trap
  3. Construction Paper as well as Poster Board Top Hat Trap
  4. Top Hat with Black Gold Trap and Rainbow Walk
  5. Green Poster Board Top Hat Trap
  6. STEM Trap
  7. Under the Rainbow Trap
  8. Empty Oatmeal Container Top Hat Trap
  9. Plastic Top Hat and Stick Trap
  10. Top Hat Leprechaun Trap
  11. Platform Box Trap that is available with Free Gold Sign as well as Green Paper
  12. Traditional Box and Stick Trap
  13. Cereal Box Trap
  14. Free Slide Trap
  15. Glitter Box Traps
  16. Shoe Box Trap
  17. DIY Leprechaun Trap
  18. Shoe Box Trap Made of Green Tissue Paper and a Ladder Made of Rainbow Crayons
  19. Green Box Trap
  20. Leprechaun Trap Kit 
  21. Shoe Box Trap
  22. Shipping Box Trap
  23. Easy Shoe Box Trap
  24. Welcome Inn Paint Chip Rainbow Box
  25. Pot of Gold Trap
  26. Lego Trap 
  27. Sprite Bottle Trap
  28. Golden Resort
  29. Rainbow Popsicle Stick Trap
  30. End of a Rainbow Motel
  31. Leprechaun Cake Trap
  32. Gold Slime Trap
  33. Outdoor Leprechaun Trap
  34. Donut Trap 
  35. Wipes Container Trap

What Are The Best Materials To Use For Kindergarten Leprechaun Trap Ideas?

If you’re looking for the best materials to use for your kindergarten leprechaun trap, there are a few things to consider. 

First, you’ll want to make sure the materials are safe for kids to use.

Second, you’ll want to make sure the materials are strong enough to hold a leprechaun. 

Third, you’ll want to make sure the materials are easy to work with so that your trap can be set up quickly. 

Some great materials to use for Kindergarten leprechaun traps include cardboard, duct tape, and string. 

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What Is The Best Bait For A Kindergarten Leprechaun Trap?

There are many different materials that you can use to build a leprechaun trap. One of the most important things to consider is what will lure the leprechaun into the trap. Some common bait includes gold, coins, and rainbows. Once you have your bait, you need to choose a material for the trap itself. Some good options include wood, metal, and plastic. You also want to make sure that the trap is big enough for the leprechaun to fit into, but not so big that it can escape easily.

Can You Reuse Leprechaun Trap? 

Yes, you can reuse Leprechaun Traps. In fact, it’s recommended that you do so in order to save money. Simply empty the trap of any coins or other objects, and then reset it in the same spot. The Leprechaun will be back, and you can catch him again!


These kindergarten leprechaun trap ideas are sure to be a hit with your little ones! They are easy to make and are sure to capture the attention of those pesky leprechauns. Be sure to let us know how your traps turn out in the comments below!

We hope you enjoyed our round-up of the best kindergarten leprechaun trap ideas. If you’re looking for more fun and festive St. Patrick’s Day activities for your little ones, be sure to check out our other blog posts. From easy crafts to delicious recipes, we have everything you need to make this holiday one to remember. 

Thanks for reading!

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