Mastering Gboard’s New Granular Resize Option: A Step-by-Step Guide

Google’s Gboard, a popular keyboard app, has introduced a new feature called ‘Resize’ that allows users to change the size of the keyboard according to their preference. Previously, users had only seven preset options for the keyboard size. The new ‘Resize’ option is available in Gboard beta version 13.2.05.x for both Android and iOS devices. To access it, users can go to the ‘Preferences’ section in Gboard settings and find it under the ‘Keyboard height’ menu.

With the new ‘Resize’ option, users can now manually adjust the height of the keyboard by dragging a handlebar to their desired size. They can make the keyboard shorter or taller than the previous preset options. Additionally, users can also change the width of the keyboard to occupy one-third, half, or three-quarters of the screen.

If users want to free up some space, they can easily move the keyboard around. By dragging it up, an empty space will be shown below the space bar. It is worth noting that the new ‘Resize’ option is different from the existing one-handed and floating modes as it doesn’t show an extra column of buttons to switch back to the normal mode.

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However, the rollout of this new feature seems to be gradual, so it might not be immediately available on all devices.

Earlier this year, Google had introduced several other features to Gboard, such as the ability to use a split keyboard on tablets, AI suggestions for GIFs, emojis, and stickers, and a new Clipboard manager.

In conclusion, Gboard users can now enjoy more flexibility with the new ‘Resize’ option, allowing them to customize the keyboard size as per their liking. The update adds to the array of useful features that Gboard has been introducing to enhance the user experience.

News Resource: The Indian Express

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