10 Fun Loving Outdoor Games For Kids Party

Outdoor games for kids parties are a perfect way to get your guests active and having fun. Also Outdoor games for kids party are a great way to teach your children about teamwork and how to be creative. It is also a good way to socialize with other parents and provide an opportunity for the kids to play together in a more natural setting.

These days, there are so many outdoor toys and games that kids can play outside. But which ones are best? Choosing the right games for your children’s entertainment might be a bit of work when you’re given so many options to choose from – but don’t worry! 

If your party is a little on the large side for indoor facilities, why not consider an outdoor venue? A backyard, big park, or even a school field can be great for games. Here are some unique and classic outdoor games for kids party to try with your kids.

How to Organize Outdoor Games For Kids Party

Organizing a kids party outside can be both fun and challenging. Here are a few tips to help you make the most of your event:

1. Choose the right location. Pick a spot that is safe and spacious, with plenty of room for running around. If you have access to a park or backyard, that’s ideal. If not, consider renting a space at a local community center or school.

2. Have a backup plan. If the weather doesn’t cooperate on the day of your party, have a contingency plan in place. This could mean setting up tents or canopies, or renting a space indoors.

3. Plan activities that everyone can enjoy. Think about classic outdoor games like tag and frisbee, or lawn croquet and water balloon tosses. You can also set up stations for arts and crafts, face painting, or other fun activities.

4. Keep the food and drink simple. When it’s hot out, no one wants to eat a heavy meal. Stick to finger foods and light snacks that can be easily eaten outdoors. And don’t forget the sunscreen!

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How To Select Outdoor Games For Kids Party

When planning an outdoor party for kids, there are a few things to keep in mind. One is to have a variety of games that will keep the little ones entertained. Here aresome of the basic ideas to get you with a positive start.

1. Ball games are always a hit with kids. You can set up a simple game of catch, or get creative with something like water balloon toss or beach ball volleyball.

2. If you have access to a pool, water games are always a big hit in the summer heat. Even if you don’t have a pool, sprinklers and water guns can provide hours of fun for kids of all ages.

3. Outdoor scavenger hunts are another great option for kids parties. You can hide treasures around the yard or park, and give the kids clues to help them find the prize.

4. relay races are always popular with kids, and they can be tailored to fit any age group. For younger children, try a three-legged race or an egg-and-spoon race. For older kids, try a more challenging course with obstacles like hula hoops or cones to weave through.

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Examples Of Outdoor Games For Kids Party

1. Piñata party: This is a classic birthday party game that is always a hit with kids. All you need is a piñata, some candy, and a blindfold.

2. Water balloon toss: This is a great game for a hot summer day. All you need is none other than a bunch of water balloons along with some willing participants.

3. Treasure hunt: This is another classic birthday party game that kids always love. Hide some treasure around the yard or park and let the kids go on a hunt for it.

4. Sack race: This is a simple but fun race that can be done with any number of people. All you need is some (not more) sacks or pillowcases as well as some open space.

5. Egg and spoon race: This is another classic race that can be done with any number of people. All you need is some eggs and spoons.

6. Bubble Wrap Hopscotch: Put away the bubble wrap and start jumping! Adults included will have a blast running about in the fresh air and blowing bubbles. Make nine squares from the bubble wrap. Assign a number between one and nine to each using a permanent marker.

7. Toppling Tug-of-War: Taking the classic outdoor game of tug-of-war and giving it a fun upgrade is a great way to celebrate a child’s birthday.

8. Frisbee Toss: Aim and throw it! Using just a recycled cardboard box, players of all ages may join in on the fun of this classic children’s party game.

9. Silly Sack Race: The game of supersize tic-tac-toe is great for celebrating a birthday in the great outdoors. A simple game for kids’ parties may be made with only some flying discs and a shower curtain.

10. Water gun game: Invite some excitement to your child’s summer birthday celebration by planning some exciting water games. Prepare a clothesline of equal length for each group and hang a plastic bucket on it.

When I was a kid I personally liked water balloon toss and water gun games. These other outdoor games for kids party are also good but these two were my favorite ones.

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What Games Can Kids Play at the Park?

There are many games that kids can play at the park. Some of the outdoor games for kids party we have mentioned below:

  • One popular game is tag. 
  • Kids can also play hide-and-seek, or they can just run around and explore. 
  • If there are swings at the park, kids can swing, or they can go down the slide. 
  • If there is a sandbox, kids can build castles or bury themselves in the sand. 
  • They can also bring a ball to play catch.
  • They can Frisbee to play fetch with their dog
  • If there are other kids at the park, they can join in a game of soccer, basketball, or kickball.


There are a ton of great outdoor games for kids party that can make any party a hit. If you’re looking for some fun and festive ideas, be sure to check out our list of the best outdoor games for kids. From classic favorites like tag and hide-and-seek to more unique options like an Easter egg hunt or water balloon toss, there’s something on this list for everyone. So get outside and have some fun!

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