10 Affordable New Items Coming to Dollar Tree This Spring

credit: relexsolutions.com

Red, yellow, and purple tulip designs are featured on three distinct flower glass vases sold by Dollar Tree.

1. Floral Glass Vases

Consider filling these flower vases with beautiful pebbles, which are available in aqua blue, black, lime green, and white. They are available at a low price at Dollar tree.

2. Decorative Pebbles

If a large bouquet of cut flowers isn't your thing, try a glass bud vase with two blooms. They are ideal for daily or weekly garden trimming.

3. Tapered Cylindrical Bud Vases

Dollar Store has plenty of kid-friendly Easter treats. Tie-dye Easter bunnies are wonderful for Easter baskets.

4. Tie-Dye Easter Bunnies

Consider filling these bunny-shaped containers, which may store candy, cash, or tiny toys, instead of the plain old plastic eggs when you're preparing Easter baskets.

5. Bunny-Shaped Fillable Containers

Upgrading everyday stuff in spring is great. Replace damaged bowls with these beautiful turquoise Royal Norfolk stoneware bowls. They're lovely and practical for dinner parties.

6. Royal Norfolk Turquoise Swirl Stoneware Bowlst

When in the kitchen, replace outdated mugs with these minimalist clear glass mugs. They match any plate and are both beautiful and informal.

7. Clear Glass Mugs

Get one of these soccer or basketball-shaped foam rubber balls and have a great time playing outside. Of course, each of these is also only $1.25.

8. Sports Foam Rubber Balls

Bring these fun, colourful pails with a glittery finish with you when you take your kids to the beach, pool, or nearby creek.

9. Glittery Plastic Beach Pails With Shovels

When it's warmer, our bodies, well, get warmer. Deodorants at drug stores can cost a lot of money, but not at Dollar Tree.

10. Deodorants