10 Best graduation memes

1. When you finally get that degree after four years of Netflix and procrastination.

2. Graduation day: Where you trade your cap and gown for a mountain of student loan debt.

3. That feeling when you realize you have no idea what to do next after graduation.

4. When your parents ask, 'What's your plan now?' and you're just here for the free food.

5. Graduating with honors in the art of pretending to have it all together.

6. Walking across the stage like you're receiving an award for surviving college.

7. When your diploma arrives in the mail and you're like, 'Is this my adulting membership card?

8. The 'before and after' graduation photos: Tassel to Hassle.

9. Me on graduation day: I'm ready to adult! Me the next day: How do I adult?

10. That bittersweet moment when you realize you'll never have a summer vacation again.

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