10 Things You Should Avoiding When Shopping At Trader Joe's 

Customers complain about stores being busy but contribute to the crowding.

1. Complaining About the Store Being Busy

Customers should always ask for the samples and try new products.

2. Not Asking For A Sample

Assumptions about grocery workers need to stay outside the automatic doors.

3. Doing an Employee's Job

Customers shouldn't use social media line (Tiktok, Instagram) as their shopping guide.

4. Using Instagram Or TikTok As Your Shopping Guide

Hoarding items causes problems with restocking and inconveniences other customers.

5. Hoarding Items

Trader Joe's items are discontinued for many reasons besides being unpopular.

6. Taking It Personally When An Item Is Discontinued

Customers should be mindful of their reusable bags' cleanliness and not ask to repack their groceries.

7. Not Knowing Bag Etiquette: 101

Questionable cart behavior includes sharing carts without separating items and putting all groceries on top of reusable bags.

8. ...Or Cart Etiquette: 101

Customers should treat employees with respect and not reach over them or between their legs.

9. Treating Employees Like Store Fixtures

Don't be afraid to ask for help or recommendations from crew members.

10. Assuming Your Cashier Is Flirting With You

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