27-year-old multimillionaire shares her top tips to build wealth fast

Tori Dunlap is a 27-year-old finance influencer and blogger who founded HerFirst100K in 2016 to make financial education more accessible to various groups, including millennials, Gen-Z, and marginalized communities.

She began her journey with a blog documenting her goal to save $100K before turning 25. Her first book, 'Financial Feminist,' achieved New York Times Bestseller status two years later.

As a multimillionaire, Dunlap leverages her online platform to share her financial expertise and insights with a wide audience.

Dunlap emphasizes acknowledging privilege, recognizing her own advantages as a cis-gendered, straight, white woman from a middle-class background.

One of her key strategies for financial success was to start investing early, particularly through a Roth IRA, advocating for even small contributions like $20 a month.

She turned a side hustle into her full-time business, HerFirst100K, highlighting the value of pursuing entrepreneurial endeavors.

Dunlap's third strategy involves not tolerating undervaluation in jobs, emphasizing negotiation and willingness to change roles to ensure fair compensation.

Her three main principles for achieving multimillionaire status by age 27: early investing, nurturing a side hustle, and advocating for fair compensation in employment.

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