5 Brand-New Items at Dollar Tree That Cost Way More at Target

Families in rural areas struggle with affordable food; dollar stores grow in grocery retail by 1%, Walmart and Target by 1.5%.

Dollar Tree offers surprising bargains, selling brand-name items cheaper than supercenters like Target and Walmart.

1. Sunkist Orange Peach Mango Drink Powder costs $1.25 at Dollar Tree, better than Crystal Light at Target.

2. Stove Top Stuffing is $1.25 at Dollar Tree, compared to $2.49 at Target.

3. Chicken of the Sea Crabmeat at Dollar Tree is $1.25, beating Target's $3.19-$3.69 options.

4. Dollar Tree's dried seaweed snack at $1.25 outperforms Target's $2.19 alternative.

5. Splenda Coffee Creamer at Dollar Tree is $1.25, while Target offers larger Coffee Mate options for $3.99-$4.49.

Dollar Tree Dinners on TikTok shows how to cook budget-friendly meals with Dollar Tree ingredients.

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