5 of the Most Memorable Friendship Groups From K-Dramas

While the loving relationship between the male and female leads is popular, there is another form of love that viewers of K-dramas admire just as much.

Twenty-Five Twenty-One is only one example of the many Korean dramas in which two fencing competitors become the best of friends throughout the course of their journey through life.

Many popular Korean dramas of the last several years may be traced back to the show-stealing buddy groupings at their centre.

In 'Business Proposal,' Shin Ha-ri is shown trying to protect her closest friend from potential suitors in the form of a husband.

Death and an immortal who has come to terms with mankind work together in "Guardian: The Lonely and Huge God."

In the Korean drama "True Beauty," the best friends must pull together to get through a difficult time.

One of the most touching relationships in Korean drama history may be seen in "Extraordinary Attorney Woo."

The friendship groups in 'Hospital Playlist' are among the most famous in Korean drama history.

credit: gettyimages.in