5 Reasons Why Cats Hate Water & How to Train Them to Like it

Cats are known for their impeccable grooming habits, but when it comes to water, they seem to have an inexplicable aversion towards it.

While some felines are okay with getting wet, most cat owners will agree that getting their furry friends into the tub or shower is an ordeal in itself.

So why do cats hate water? And more importantly, is it possible to train them to like it?

Here we will explore the reasons behind a cat’s water aversion and provide five tips on how to teach them to have a more positive relationship with water.

Cats are not natural swimmers, unlike their distant relatives, the big cats. Domesticated cats have evolved to become experts at navigating land but not so much in water.

1. Cats are not natural swimmers

Reasons Why Cats Hate Water

It is not surprising that cats associate water with negative experiences. In the wild, a cat’s prey lives in water, and getting into the water would mean losing their advantage in catching their prey.

2. Cats associate water with negative experiences

If your cat has an aversion to water, start with small steps before you plunge into a full bath.

1. Start with small steps

Here are 5 tips on how to train your cat to like water:

Positive reinforcement is essential in training your cat to like water. Reward your cat with treats, playtime, or verbal praise for any positive reaction towards water.

2. Use Positive Reinforcement

Cats are playful animals, and incorporating water into their playtime can help them overcome their aversion.

3. Incorporate water into playtime

Select the right temperature of water when introducing your cat to a bath. The right temperature of water will encourage them to relax and help them associate water with a positive experience.

4. Introduce the Right Temperature of water

A spa day environment can make a big difference in how your cat sees water.

5. Create a Positive Spa day Environment