6 Household Staples That Are a Waste of Money

Many households spend money on items they don't need or use efficiently.

Here are six household staples that are often considered a waste of money.

1. Paper towels: Reusable cloths or microfiber towels are more cost-effective and eco-friendly alternatives to disposable paper towels.

2. Single-use cleaning products: Instead of buying individual cleaning products for each task.

3. Bottled water: Investing in a water filter or using a reusable water bottle can save money.

4. Dryer sheets: Dryer balls or simply air-drying clothes can replace single-use dryer sheets, reducing unnecessary expenses.

5. Brand-name cleaning supplies: Generic or store-brand cleaning products often contain similar ingredients to their more expensive counterparts

6. Pre-packaged single-serving foods: Buying in bulk and portioning items yourself can save money