7 Best Home Items To Buy at Dollar Tree in April

In April, Dollar Tree is rolling out some amazing products that are worth purchasing.

Here, we'll cover the 7 best home items to buy at Dollar Tree this month.

7 Best Home Items To Buy at Dollar Tree in April

Cleaning supplies at Dollar Tree cost $1.25.

1. Cleaning Supplies

Dollar Tree is a great place to find yard sale supplies such as poster boards and signs.

2.  Yard Sale Supplies

3. Seeds

Flower, fruit, and vegetable seeds are sold at Dollar Tree for 25 cents per pack.

4. Garden Supplies

Dollar Tree has a wide range of garden supplies, including pots, planters, tools, and soil.

5. Flowers

You can buy flowers and artificial flowers for $1.25 each at Dollar Tree.

6. Summer Decor

Dollar Tree offers affordable summer decor, including nautical-themed items, kitchen towels, and pot holders.

7. Summer Toys

Dollar Tree sells a variety of summer toys, including pails and shovels, beach balls, pool noodles, and water blasters.