7 Republican Candidates Take the Stage for the 2nd Gop Presidential Debate

1. Seven Republican candidates prepare for the second presidential debate, without Donald Trump.

2. Trump's lead in the polls has grown despite missing the previous debate.

3. Chris Christie gains ground by challenging Trump in the race.

4. Doug Burgum focuses on economic issues and self-funds his campaign.

5. Mike Pence, a social conservative, struggles to gain traction post-January 6.

6. Nikki Haley's rising poll numbers reflect a complex relationship with Trump.

7. Tim Scott emphasizes personal experiences and conservative positions.

8. Vivek Ramaswamy gains popularity as a staunch Trump defender.

9. Ron DeSantis aims to regain momentum in the 2024 race.

10. Viewer numbers for the debate are expected to be lower than previous years, with some candidates not making the cut.

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