7 Walmart Brand Items That Are Just as Good as Name Brands

1. Great Value Toilet Paper: Walmart's Great Value brand offers toilet paper that is comparable in quality to popular name-brand options.

2. Equate Acetaminophen (Pain Reliever): Equate is Walmart's health and wellness brand

3. Parent's Choice Baby Wipes: Parent's Choice is Walmart's brand for baby products

4. Great Value Frozen Vegetables: Walmart's Great Value frozen vegetables provide a convenient and cost-effective way to incorporate nutritious vegetables

5. Sam's Choice Pasta Sauce: Sam's Choice is Walmart's premium private label

6. Mainstays Bedding and Towels: Walmart's Mainstays brand offers a variety of bedding and towel options

7. Great Value Cereal: Walmart's Great Value brand has a diverse selection of cereals