8 Delicious Costco Meals That Are Cheaper Than Takeout

1. Rotisserie chicken: Versatile, large, and cheaper than many takeout dishes.

2. Pizza: Costco's sizable pizzas are a cost-effective alternative to pizzeria orders.

3. Hot dogs: Budget-friendly hot dog combos come with a drink, perfect for a quick bite.

4. Chicken bakes: Pockets of savory goodness, a filling choice at a lower cost.

5. Salad kits: Fresh, pre-packaged salads offer a healthy and economical meal.

6. BBQ brisket sandwich: Hearty and flavorful, a satisfying option on a budget.

7. Food court: Various affordable options like pizza, hot dogs, and sandwiches available for dine-in or takeout.

8. Kirkland Signature lasagna: Delicious frozen lasagna that's economical and convenient.

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