8 Products To Buy in Bulk at Sam’s Club Instead of Costco

Here are 8 Products To Buy in Bulk at Sam’s Club Instead of Costco

Beef Patties

Gramuglia claims that buying beef patties from Sam's Club will save a lot of money, whether you're stocking up for a party or not.

Gramuglia advised purchasing wings at Sam's Club to save money. Sam's Club sells 10-pound frozen chicken wings for $17.98. (8)

Chicken Wings

Gramuglia said that a bulk box of 0.8-ounce bags of Popchips is cheaper at Sam's Club. These bags are great for parties, lunch, or an afternoon snack.


Bakery caes are really cheap at Sam"s club than Coostco

Bakery Cakes

Clark said that if you want grocery delivery, going with Sam's Club's same-day delivery service instead of Costco will save you a lot of money.

Beef PattiSame-Day Grocery Deliveryes

Sam's Club sells well-known brands and sometimes has flavours you can't find anywhere else.

Limited-Edition Varieties

Many of the same brands are sold at both Sam's Club and Costco, but Ramhold said that Sam's Club may have a bigger selection.

Specific Select Brands

Sam’s Club may gives a bigger selection of baby items than Costco.

Baby Items