8 Things Costco Members Can Get for Free

1. Costco offers free lifetime tire maintenance including rotation, balancing, pressure checks, and flat tire repair for tire purchases.

2. Costco provides free hearing tests at their hearing centers, conducted in private sound booths.

3. Costco members with hearing aids can access free follow-up care, remote adjustments, and cleanings.

4. Purchases from Costco come with free tech support for various categories like security cameras, laptops, and home theater systems.

5. Costco offers extended warranties and repairs on certain tech items and appliances even after the manufacturer's warranty expires.

6. Costco provides free delivery on items like contact lenses, tires to Tire Centers, and groceries for specified order amounts.

7. Costco's generous return policy allows free returns by mail with refunded shipping fees and purchase price, though some exceptions apply.

8. Executive members enjoy 2% cash back on most purchases, covering membership costs for heavy Costco shoppers.

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