9 Costco Brand Items That Aren’t Worth the Money

Today we look at nine goods sold at Costco that you should probably avoid.

No matter how cheap a large container of spices is, you'll probably never use it all and lose money.

1. Spices

Almond flour may be frozen for up to a year beyond its sell-by date, according to Does it Go Bad. Will you bake that much using almond flour? Uncertain.

2. Almond Flour

One reviewer called the tequila "unnaturally sweet like it did not come directly from an agave crop or distillation." Skip it to save money and disappointment.

3. Tequila

4. Diapers

But Natural Baby Life says that the diapers at Costco are not the cheapest you can find. Instead, Walmart gets the award.

5. Gel Dishwasher Detergent

Kirkland's gel dishwashing detergent isn't one of its best products, but it's cheap. This product is worth paying a little extra for a name brand competition.

6. Coffee

MoneyTalksNews says that coffee doesn't have a lot of staying power.  So, think about how much coffee you will actually drink and put the Kirkland brand back.

Audience's Express that these paper products for our most sensitive places have very bad ratings for things like how long they last and how soft they are.

7. Toilet Paper and Facial Tissue

MoneyTalksNews called Kirkland's two-gallon milk jugs "awkwardly square-shaped." These jars purportedly make pouring difficult and wasteful.

8. Milk

Once opened, deli meat doesn't last as long as milk does. Its better to buy that meat from local shop. This is because you can buy as much u want from there.

8. Deli Meat