Best Robotics Project Ideas For Beginners

1. Line Following Robot: Build a robot that can follow a black line on a white surface using infrared sensors.

2. Obstacle Avoidance Bot: Create a robot that can navigate around obstacles using ultrasonic sensors.

3. Remote-Controlled Car: Convert a toy car into a remote-controlled vehicle using a simple motor controller.

4. Light-Seeking Robot: Design a robot that can move toward a light source using light sensors.

5. Simple Robotic Arm: Construct a basic robotic arm that can pick up lightweight objects using servo motors.

6. Maze-Solving Robot: Program a robot to autonomously navigate through a maze using sensors and decision-making algorithms.

7. Blinking LED Display: Build a display using LEDs that can show simple patterns or messages with programmed blinking.

8. Gesture-Controlled Robot: Develop a robot that responds to hand gestures captured by a sensor, like an accelerometer or gyroscope.

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