Capstone Project Ideas For Stem Students

1. Autonomous Drone for Environmental Monitoring: Develop a drone for data collection in remote environments to assess air and water quality.

2. Healthcare IoT Device: Create an IoT wearable that tracks vital signs and alerts caregivers about anomalies.

3. Smart Agriculture System: Build an automated farming setup using sensors to optimize crop growth factors.

4. Virtual Reality Medical Training: Construct a virtual reality platform for realistic medical procedure simulations.

5. Renewable Energy Tracking System: Design a real-time monitoring system for tracking renewable energy production.

6. Automated Language Translation: Develop an AI system for instant, spoken, or written language translation.

7. Gesture-Controlled Prosthetics: Create prosthetics responding to user gestures, enhancing mobility and control.

8. Smart Traffic Management System: Build an interconnected sensor network and algorithms to optimize traffic flow.

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