Conor McGregor's salary in Road House

The fighter has always had quite high opinions of his own abilities.

This claim that he is the "highest paid first-time actor of all time" has been verified by him on social media.

He joined the film while recuperating from his leg break in the Dustin Poirier bout.

The new actor says he spent lengthy days on set doing his own stunts.

Undoubtedly, his project job would cost the manufacturing.

It is believed that he was in possession of a sizeable fortune, and the quantity in question would be somewhere in the millions of dollars.

In addition to his current net worth of $200 million, this would bring his total wealth to $300 million.

Despite the fact that the athlete tweeted a great deal on this topic, he promptly erased all of those tweets, but not before writing:

"I fancy my chances topping this list in record time. If the top gross off Liam’s film is $113m, as amazing as that is, my “Roadhouse”

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