Dave Ramsey’s 8 Tips for Saving Money and Sticking to a Budget This Summer

Dave Ramsey is a well-known personal finance guru, radio host, bestselling author, and successful businessman.

He achieved a net worth of over a million dollars by age 26 and earned around $250,000 annually.

Ramsey offers advice on money management, financial tips, and budgeting to help others.

For summer vacation, Ramsey suggests creating a separate budget, finding cheap or free activities, and avoiding expensive theme parks.

To save money, make a budget, track spending, and use coupons and discounts while grocery shopping.

Ramsey advises on ways to cut air conditioning costs by keeping doors closed and windows caulked.

Limiting dining out and cooking meals at home can help save money on food expenses.

When traveling, Ramsey recommends using travel discount sites and considers selling unwanted items to boost savings. Additionally, he suggests pausing gym memberships during the summer to save money.

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