Do’s and Don’ts of Shopping at Dollar Tree and Other Dollar Stores

Only buy items that are meant to fill gaps in between major shopping trips.

Don't Shop for Everything:

Buy frozen veggies, which are nutritious, but require creative recipes to make them tasty.

Do Buy Frozen Veggies:

Vitamins and supplements are not regulated, so look for labels like USP or NSF International if you do buy them.

Don't Buy Vitamins and Supplements:

Buy personal care items such as shampoo, soap, feminine care, and toothpaste for the best value, but there may be low variety and inventory.

Do Buy Personal Care Items:

Cheap batteries can leak and damage electronics or toys; avoid them.

Don't Buy Generic Batteries:

These kitchen staples are typically fresh and healthy, but check the "best used by" dates.

Do Buy Milk and Eggs:

Dollar stores tend to stock old-fashioned incandescent light bulbs that are energy-consuming and prone to breaking.

Don't Buy Lightbulbs:

Use sales, coupons, and manufacturer coupons to save more money.

Do Use Additional Coupons:

anned goods at dollar stores often have high sodium and/or extra sugar, and dented cans should be avoided.

Don't Buy Canned Goods:

Shopping at dollar stores can save you money, but not everything is $1 anymore.

Do Expect To Save Money:

– Dollar stores may not have the same level of consistency or inventory as your favorite grocery or home goods store.

Don't Expect Consistency:

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