Google Removes 43 Harmful Apps From Playstore, Urges Immediate Deletion

Google Play Store hosts nearly 3 million apps but faces challenges with malicious apps infiltrating its platform.

Recently, Google eradicated 43 harmful apps that drained phone batteries and consumed data covertly.

McAfee's Mobile Research Team alerted Google about these apps breaching Play Store guidelines.

These apps displayed ads even on inactive screens, leading to battery drain and data consumption.

Advertisements on inactive screens contradict Google's regulations and can lead to data leaks.

Removed apps span categories like TV players, music downloaders, and news apps.

Users are advised to uninstall these apps to safeguard their devices.

Caution is urged when downloading apps—choose reputable developers, review permissions, and stay updated on security patches.

McAfee emphasizes using security apps for malware scanning to maintain Android device security.

Google's move aims to secure the Play Store environment and protect users from potential risks.

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