Happy National Thrift Store Day! An expert's guide on the best tips and tricks to save you money

1. Plan Ahead: – Be aware of what you're looking for to find the best deals.

2. Know What You're Seeing: – Research item values online before purchasing.

3. Know What You're Buying: – Test electronics and electric items for functionality.

4. Save Big Bucks on Clothing: – Try on different sizes due to variations in vintage and modern sizing.

5. Repair and Repurpose: – Consider repairing or refinishing thrifted furniture for savings.

6. Save More with Discounts and Loyalty Programs: – Look for color-coded sales days and loyalty programs.

7. Shop Online: – Explore online thrift stores for a wider selection.

8. Get into the Right Mindset: – Declutter before shopping and avoid impulse buys.

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