Nokia changes iconic logo for first time in 60 years

On Sunday, Nokia revealed plans to update its brand identification for the first time in almost 60 years.

The new logo is made up of five distinct forms that create the word NOKIA.

The original logo's characteristic blue colour has been replaced with a variety of colours depending on the application.

In the past, we were associated with cellphones, but today we are a commercial technology firm," CEO Pekka Lundmark said in an interview.

He was addressing ahead of the company's business update on the eve of the annual Mobile World Congress, which begins on Monday and goes through March 2 in Barcelona.

Following taking over as CEO of the failing Finnish firm in 2020, Lundmark devised a three-stage strategy: reset, accelerate, and grow.

Lundmark said that the second step has begun now that the reset stage has been completed.

Although Nokia still intends to expand its service provider business, in which it sells gear to telecom providers, its primary emphasis is now on selling equipment to other enterprises.

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