Tips To Start A preschool This Year

To get your youngster acclimated to hearing someone other than Mom, Dad, or Grandpa read aloud a book in a group environment, visit your local library during a read-aloud session.

Tip 1

Set up a "early to bed" and "school wake-up time" plan several weeks before the start of the school year to give your youngster time to get used to the new schedule.

Tip 2

Learn the toileting policies at the new school or facility so you can go over them with your kid and make sure she feels at ease.

Tip 3

Let your youngster choose a fresh backpack, then jointly personalise it with her name.

Tip 4

Share memories of your time in school and your feelings about it. Find old images of you and other adults in your child's life, then have a conversation about them.

Tip 5

Start leaving your child with friends or family for brief stays if they have never before taken care of her. Reiterate that you'll be back and that she's secure with the others.

Tip 6

Give your child a personal item of yours, such as a cherished scarf or bandanna, to reassure her that you will return with it.

Tip 7