Shop Dollar Tree for These 5 Affordable Items — but Avoid These 5 Other Items


Here are the good items worth shopping for at Dollar Tree.

Dollar Tree has a huge selection of glasses, like standard tumblers, wine glasses, beer mugs, and shot glasses, and most of them only cost $1.25 each.

1. Glassware

The store also sells dinnerware with seasonal patterns for $1.25 each, so you can find the right pattern or colour scheme for the season.

2. Dinnerware

It can be a good idea to buy cleaning supplies at Dollar Tree.

3. Cleaning Supplies

Do you want to throw a big party? The first place you should go is Dollar Tree.

4. Party Decorations

All of the spices at Dollar Tree cost only $1.25 each, and there is a wide range of high-quality ones to choose from.

5. Spices

You shouldn't buy these things at Dollar Tree.

You can buy a variety of name-brand breakfast cereals at Dollar Tree, but that won't save you any money.

1. Breakfast Cereal

You should always avoid buying todas from dollar tree store.

2. Toys

Dollar Tree sells cheap AA, AAA, C, D, and 9V batteries. These batteries are not compatible with all devices.

3. Batteries

It might not be the best idea to buy tools at Dollar Tree. Sometimes they aren't made to last, which is not what you want in tools.

4. Tools

You might want to think twice before going to Dollar Tree to buy electronics. It might not be very good.

5. Electronics

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