The Most Annoying Tipping Habits Waiters, Baristas and Bartenders Deal With

Working hard for money merits excellent service while dining, but service workers deserve fair tips.

Grant Cardone emphasizes wealth beyond salary; saving tips also discussed.

The Emily Post Institute suggests 15%-20% tipping for wait service and bartenders, occasional tipping for extra service.

Monique Soltani highlights annoyance of not tipping on wine and other common bad tipping practices.

Charlie McKenna underscores frustration with non-tipping for drinks and advises consistent tipping for all service.

Jamie Hickey, a barista, laments low tips for drinks and separate treatment from waitstaff.

Common occurrence of low tips highlighted by Hickey, emphasizing significance of proper tipping.

Overall message: Be aware of tipping norms, budget for proper tipping, and recognize the value of service worker compensation.

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