Top 10 science project ideas

1. Solar-Powered Oven: Investigate how different designs of solar ovens affect cooking efficiency.

2. Plant Growth and Light: Explore the impact of various types of light on plant growth.

3. Volcano Eruption Model: Create a model volcano to simulate and study volcanic eruptions.

4. Water Purification: Develop a system to purify water and assess its effectiveness.

5. Rube Goldberg Machine: Construct a complex machine to perform a simple task, showcasing physics and engineering principles.

6. Effect of Music on Plants: Analyze how different music genres influence plant growth.

7. Static Electricity: Experiment with materials to generate and study static charge.

8. Effect of Temperature on Battery Life: Investigate temperature's effect on battery performance and longevity.

9. Magnetic Levitation: Build a magnetic levitation system to explore levitation principles.

10. Microbial Growth: Study conditions that impact microbial growth by collecting samples from various surfaces.

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