Top 8 Items at Dollar Tree That Cost Way More at Walmart

1. Dollar Tree offers decorative ceramic plates at $1.25, while Walmart charges $2.92.

2. Movie theater-style popcorn tubs are $1.25 at Dollar Tree and $21 at Walmart.

3. Dollar Tree's 12.5x5-inch egg holder costs $1.25, compared to Walmart's $5.98.

4. A loaf pan (8.5x4.5x2.5 inches) is $1.25 at Dollar Tree, whereas Walmart's larger version costs $5.97.

5. Dollar Tree's 11-inch frying pan is $5, while Walmart sells a similar one for $19.99+.

6. An 8.5x11-inch dry erase board is $1.25 at Dollar Tree, whereas Walmart charges $7.99.

7. Baskets are priced at $1.25 each in Dollar Tree and $3.17 in Walmart (smaller size).

8. Dollar Tree's dust pan and brush set costs $1.25, while Walmart offers it for $3.99.

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