Activities For 15 Month Old

Best Activities For 15 Month Old

15 month old children are growing up so fast and starting to explore their world. Searching for activities for 15 month old that will help them develop their skills is essential in order to help them learn the best way possible. Sometimes it can be a struggle to find activities that entertain your child and keep him active without being too stressful. 

In this article, we are going to talk about some activities that could inspire you and give your child a break. Parents, please take note of this article for some great ideas on what to do with your baby in the coming months! 

There’s no such thing as a do-it-all activity for kids. If you’re looking for activities for 15 month old and ways to have fun with your little one, this blog article has got you covered! Here we are going to mention some of the best activities for babies from 12-15 months. From playing with blocks and stacking them to reading books, there is a lot for your baby to do!

What Is The Best Activity For 15 Month Old?

There are a lot of different activities that you can do with your 15 month old. Some of the most popular activities include playing with toys, going for walks, and playing in the pool.

It is important to find an activity that is suitable for your child’s age and developmental level. Some activities are more challenging than others, and some children might be more interested in certain activities over others.

Try to find an activity that your child will enjoy, and be willing to try different activities until you find one that works best for them. Spending time with your child is one of the best ways to have a healthy lifestyle!

Best Activities Your 15 Month Old Would Like

Month-old infants are ready for a variety of activities, depending on their age and development. Here is a list of some of the best activities for month-olds, with links to more detailed information: 

1) Start clapping and babbling: By 18 months old, babies start to imitate sounds they hear around them. Clapping and babbling help develop auditory skills and encourage communication between parents and babies.

2) Play with blocks: Blocks are an excellent way for babies to learn about shapes, colors, weights, and textures. Place different blocks in different positions on a floor or table, and watch as the baby tries to figure out how to move the block.

3) Sing songs: Songs teach infants important social skills, such as sharing and cooperating. Find nursery rhymes or songs specifically designed for babies at your favorite online music store.

4) Practice sitting up: One of the biggest milestones for infants is learning to sit up independently. Sitting up helps them develop fine motor skills, balance, coordination, and strength in their arms.

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Which Activities Should Not Be Used For 15 Month Old?

Activity is a huge part of a child’s development. However, it is also important to keep in mind that some activities are not safe for 15 month old bundles of joy.

Here are the 4 activities that are not good for 15 month old babies:

1. Jumping on the furniture – This is one activity that can be very dangerous for 15 month old babies. Jumps can cause serious injuries, including fractures and spinal cord damage.

2. Playing with hot objects – 15 month old babies are still learning how to control their body temperature, and playing with hot objects can cause them harm. Hot surfaces can cause burns and scalds, and they can also lead to accidents such as choking.

3. Climbing high-tension wires – These wires can be very dangerous for small children, as they can easily get hurt if they fall off or get caught in the wire. Wires also pose a danger to other people who may be nearby.

4. Playing in water that is too deep – If your 15 month old baby is playing in water that is too deep, he or she may become trapped under the surface and drown. Similarly, if your baby falls into a pool or river.

Indoor Activities For 15 Month Old

Indoor activities are a great way to keep your 15 month old busy and active. Here are some of the best activities for them to do inside: 

  • Playing with blocks 
  • Trying different shapes and colors with play dough 
  • Doodling or drawing on paper or canvas 
  • Playing with alphabet blocks or other toys that spell out words 
  • Building towers out of colorful foam blocks 
  • Threading beads on a string

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Outdoor Activities For 15 Month Old

There are many great outdoor activities that can be enjoyed by babies and toddlers of all ages. Here are five of our favorites: 

  1. Hiking: This is a great activity for all ages, and it’s especially fun for babies who are just starting to orient themselves in the world. Hiking provides a physical and mental workout, while also providing a chance to see beautiful scenery.
  1. Camping: This is another great activity for all ages, and it’s perfect for little ones who love spending time outdoors. Camping provides a unique opportunity to share experiences with friends and family, as well as learn about nature firsthand.
  1. Swimming: Swimming is a great activity for both babies and toddlers. Not only is swimming a fun way to cool off, but it’s also good for development of motor skills and coordination.
  1. Playing in the Woods: For toddlers especially, playing in the woods can be a lot of fun. There are plenty of trees, hills, and other obstacles to explore, making this an enjoyable adventure for everyone involved.
  1. Crawling: Crawling is an important developmental milestone that babies and toddlers should enjoy as much as possible. 


As your 15 month old child begins to grow and learn, there are certain activities that will be more challenging for them than others. This is a time when they are starting to develop their own personalities, so it’s important that you provide them with opportunities to explore and learn new things. Here in this blog we have listed the best activities for 15 month old that will help them reach their fullest potential.

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