Baidu Makes Ai Chatbot Ernie Bot Publicly Available in China

China’s big city, Beijing, thinks that artificial intelligence (AI), which is like smart computer thinking, is super important. They want to be as good as the United States in this and even better by the year 2030. That’s not all – Baidu, a big tech company, made a computer program named ERNIE that talks to people. But it’s not just any chatbot – it’s been trained to not talk about certain topics that the government doesn’t like. Let’s learn more about this interesting news!

Baidu’s Smart Talking Machine

Baidu, a company like Google, has created a special computer program called ERNIE. This program can chat with people online. But there’s a twist – it’s been taught to avoid talking about certain things that the government of China doesn’t want people to discuss. One example is the event that happened at Tiananmen Square a long time ago.

What’s Tiananmen Square?

Tiananmen Square is a place in Beijing where something important happened in the past. But ERNIE doesn’t like to talk about it. It says, “Let’s talk about something else.” This is because the government doesn’t want people to talk openly about this event. It’s a bit like skipping a topic during a conversation.

Chatting with ERNIE

You can ask ERNIE questions, just like you ask your friends. If you ask simple things like “What’s the capital of China?” or “What do you like to do?” ERNIE will answer nicely. But if you ask about sensitive things, like protests or an island called Taiwan, ERNIE might give you an answer the government wants.

China’s Special Rules for AI

China has made some special rules for AI programs like ERNIE. These rules say that these programs must follow the ideas of socialism, which is a type of government. They also can’t talk about things that could be a problem for the country’s safety. So, when you ask ERNIE, it knows what it can and can’t say.

Baidu’s Big Plans

Baidu is excited about ERNIE. They want people to use it a lot so they can make it even better. The boss of Baidu, Robin Li, says they want to make ERNIE learn from lots of people. This way, ERNIE can become super smart in no time!

The Race for AI

Baidu is not the only one in the AI race. There’s a company in the US called OpenAI, and they made something like ERNIE too. But China doesn’t allow OpenAI’s program. Many countries are racing to make the best AI programs, but some people are worried. They think these programs might be used to trick people or spread wrong information.

China’s AI Rules

In China, if you make an AI program that can affect what people think, you have to tell the government about it. You also have to make sure the program is safe. This is important so that people don’t get the wrong ideas or believe things that aren’t true.

Baidu’s Other Plans

Baidu is a big tech company. It doesn’t just make chatbots. It’s also working on making computers that can drive by themselves, like robots! And it’s trying to make really strong computers that can save lots of information.

Baidu’s ERNIE chatbot is a cool invention that can talk to people online. But it has some rules about what it can say. This is because the government wants to make sure people are safe and don’t talk about things that could cause problems. Baidu is happy about ERNIE and wants to make it even better. But other companies are also making smart programs, and some people are worried about what these programs might do. It’s a race to make the smartest machines!

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