Lion And Mouse Story In English

Lion And Mouse Story In English

Today, we will check the lion and mouse story in English. So, let’s check and enjoy the story.

Lion And Mouse Story In English

Under the banyan tree, the lion was resting after eating. The tree under which the lion slept there was a rat’s house. When the rat saw the lion resting, he suggested something in his mind.

He started rounding and jumping up to the nose. He ever jumped on the lion’s nose, then on the ear.

Then suddenly the lion woke up and he caught the rat in his paws and said angrily – I will eat you in a foolish rat.

Then the rat said – forgive me, I was playing just like this. But I will help you.

On hearing the rat, the lion left him.

A few days later, the rat was passing by its banyan tree, when he saw a lion trapped in a predator’s net.

The rat immediately started chewing on the lion’s net and in no time he cut the predator’s net and saved the lion’s life. Now the lion and the rat became friends.

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Lion And Mouse Story In English: Moral 

A good deed will always be remembered.

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