10 Lines on Peacock In English

The peacock is a brightly colored bird that is known for its beauty. Peacocks are found in many parts of the world, including India, Africa, and Australia. Although they are not commonly kept as pets, some people do keep them as pets. Peacocks are interesting birds that are sure to add some excitement to your life. It is the national bird of India and is considered to be a sacred animal in many cultures. The male peacock is known for its spectacular tail feathers, which it uses to attract mates. Peacocks are also known for their loud calls, which can be heard up to a mile away. Here are 10 lines on the peacock in English.

10 Lines on Peacock In English

10 Lines on Peacock In English
  1. The peacock is a brightly coloured bird that is native to Asia. 
  2. The male peacock has long tail feathers which it uses to attract mates. 
  3. The female peacock is smaller than the male and does not have such long tail feathers. 
  4. Peacocks are omnivorous birds and eat both plants and insects. 
  5. The lifespan of a peacock in the wild is around 20 years but they can live for longer in captivity. 
  6. In many cultures, the peacock is considered to be a sacred animal. 
  7. The national bird of India is the peacock. 
  8. Peacocks are very protective of their young and will often attack predators that come too close to their nests. 
  9. When alarmed, peacocks will make a loud call that can be heard up to a mile away.
  10. Peacocks are popular birds in zoos and wildlife parks as they are so colorful and interesting to watch.”

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Short Essay On Peacock In English

The peacock is a national bird of India. It is a colorful, vocal bird that is widely considered to be one of the most beautiful birds in the world. The male peacock is particularly well-known for its spectacular tail, which it fans out to attract mates. Peacocks are found in forests and woodlands across India and Sri Lanka.

The peacock is a member of the pheasant family and its scientific name is Pavo cristatus. The adult male peacock is known as a cob and the adult female as a pen. The word ‘peacock’ is derived from the Old French paon and ultimately from Latin pavo.The peacock is a colorful bird and its plumage is truly stunning. 

The body of the bird is blue-gray with a white breast and neck. The head has a crest of feathers and the beak is yellow. But it is the tail that is the most distinctive feature of the peacock. The tail consists of long feathers that are brightly coloured with blue, green and gold. 

When the tail is open, it forms an impressive train that can be up to two meters long! The male peacock uses its spectacular tail to attract mates. When he wants to impress a female, he will strut around her with his tail open wide. If she is impressed, she will mate with him. Peacocks are polygynous birds, which means that a single male will mate

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